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Today I ordered my $40 trampoline from Walmart and I’m pretty excited. It all started with a $2 breakfast at Dennys.  It was an awesome breakfast, thank you Dennys, for supporting a great cause as well as feeding me. I overheard a conversation about the potential to cure cancer with natural herbs. I was intrigued, and asked for more information. The secrets were not revealed to me, but I was given a hint, about keeping our body alkaline and the fluids in our body helping that drainage system.

It took me a while to figure what that meant, I do not have a biology background, but I started hearing about our lymphatic system, which turns out to be super important. So far, everybody knows about the blood in our body, but I don’t really hear or see as much information or importance in the lay literature about our lymphatic system. We actually have 2-4 times as much lymph fluid than blood. The lymphatic system is our natural sewage treatment system, it requires daily muscular contractions to move fluids around, because there is no pump. It carries white blood cells around, which help kill abnormal cells (cancer), viruses and harmful bacteria.

Here is an awesome video about your overall immune system

Now, you will hear everywhere about the importance of diet and exercise in keeping us healthy and less likely to get cancer, but guess what? There’s actually a really simple and fun exercise routine that doesn’t involve you paying monthly fees, travelling to a nearby gym, and “stretching” yourself in all sorts of ways that you are not used to for the sake of avoiding illness. In my mind exercise should not be a chore, it should only ever be fun. Turns out rebounding on a mini trampoline is one of the key ways to help improve the lymphatic system, and help you avoid cancer.

For just 15 mins a day a mini trampoline also offers:

  • full-body detox
  • fun weight loss
  • higher bone density
  • cellulite reduction
  • improved balance and posture
  • lower blood pressure
  • balancing hormones

If you want something more adventurous than the humble trampoline, feel free to pick up kangoo shoes or a pogo stick that also offer the benefits of rebounding exercises.

Pogo stick exercise offers the same benefits, however there are more crazy tricks and potential fails as well:

Kangoo shoes are also an awesome alternative for a rebounding exercise. As well, you can take these shoes outside, and use them to jog faster to where you want to go with less impact.

Also, you could also make this a fun social, by going to a trampoline park

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