Feng-Shui Services

My experience of Feng Shui started in 2015 with a simple workshop. I was intrigued with the ability of the teacher to predict many things, and his wisdom. I decided at that workshop to go further, and since then have taken many advanced courses from different schools including illustrious teachers such as Joey Yap, Marlyna Los and Alan Chong.

From each teacher, I have learnt many different aspects of Feng Shui. The school that I have chosen, is what I believe to be the most effective school of Feng Shui, the Wu Chang lineage of flying stars feng shui.

Have you ever felt that no matter how hard you try in life, things just seem to be so difficult? Some of the reason may be that it is not a favourable luck cycle in your life. However, another big part of the reason may be that the energy map of your house or office may not be supporting your goals.

Many claim that after Feng Shui audit and changes made, after a few weeks to months their lives seem to improve in different ways:

  • improve your chances for promotion
  • bring more clients to your company
  • help your children study better
  • improve your health or someone else in your family

To audit your home or office, please contact me.