Feng-Shui Services

In 2015, I was introduced to Dato Joey Yap‘s Feng Shui courses through Marlyna Los, a Vancouver Feng Shui master herself, with over 20 years of experience. I registered in 2015 for an online Feng Shui course with Joey Yap’s academy, and continued to take courses with Joey Yap; including Baxi and also a mini-workshop with Marlyna Los.

Their style of Feng Shui is more about understanding land formations that surround us, analyzing your birth number, and combining it with the magnetic compass orientation of your apartment or house, to analyze and improve your life.

The basis of the study of how land formations can enhance your luck comes from the ancient belief that the orbit of 5 planets influences Earth’s magnetic field – termed cosmic chi.

This study is very detailed oriented, and Joey Yap spent years of apprenticeship and a lot of money to uncover secrets from living masters. Depending on your goals, feng shui can help:

  • improve your chances for promotion
  • bring more clients to your company
  • help your children study better
  • improve your health or someone else in your family

As a beginner practitioner, I am happy to offer a mini feng-shui consult by donation. This will include a 2017 bazi pdf emailed to you, with some description of the favourable sectors for 2017.

For your mini consult, please contact me.