East Van greenway and totem pole with a dark past

In East Van, there is a road that becomes quite a beautiful little resting park. I’ve always wondered how did this street turn into a park?

I then heard about neighbourhood greenways and that the City of Vancouver is always accepting proposals for them. To boot, there are also grants available to help with this conversion. As well of course are Neighbourhood Small Grants that maybe could be used to start you out.

tupper greenway google map screenshot

Some of the benefits include more wildlife, such as this presentation on Urban Birds in the Tupper Greenway

I wondered what was the history behind this greenway, I’m always interested to find out what community organizer made this happen. My research unturned a bit of a darker history that highlighted the importance of such areas.

Jomar Lanot was a quiet musically inclined 17 yr old Filipino youth that was racially targeted and fatally swarmed.

The Tupper greenway, the totem pole, and a mural were created in remembrance of Jomar Lanot.

A boulder in the Tupper Greenway is etched with one of Jomar Lanot’s sayings:

I believe that there should be more public awareness of this issue. It was great that we have monuments, but it seems to have been forgotten from the public eye.


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  1. Hi Audrey,
    Just came across your website today.
    Very cool.

    I am a retired school teacher from Tupper School and was involved in the Greenway & Totem Pole installation. Both projects as you know were in honor of Jomar and involved months and months of planning with school & community. I would love to meet you for coffee and share more of the story/process.

    Am retired, so my calendar is quite flexible.

    Marty Dolan

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