Ancient Egyptians were black

This should not ever even have been a question. That Egyptians might once have been claimed to be Caucasians seems nonsensical. Kemet is the word Ancient Egyptians referred to themselves.

Western historians, however, say that the word “Kemet” refers to the color of the soil of the land rather than its people. But, the word “Kemet” is actually an ethnic term being a derivative of the word “Khem” (Cham or Ham) which means “burnt” or “black.” (source)

Of course our definition of black is different compared to Ancient times for example, black was likely not considered to be related to Africa at that point in time.

Egypt is a word meaning “Black.” (source)

Egyptologist Cheikh Anta Diop suffered a lot of criticism and academic rejection for his theories which are now mostly proven true, tests that show ancient Egyptians were black include:

  • Evidence from Physical Anthropology
  • Melanin Dosage Test
  • Osteological Evidence
  • Evidence From Blood Types
  • The Egyptians as They Saw Themselves
  • Divine Epithets
  • Evidence From the Bible
  • Cultural unity of Egypt With The Rest of Africa
  • Linguistic Unity With Southern and Western Africa
  • Testimony of Classical Greek and Roman Authors

Revisionist history can be so fascinating to unravel.

It is interesting to compare the Ancient Egyptians to the current Arabic Egyptians of today.


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