About me

Audrey is an IT manager and analyst with development background in the opensource field with almost 10 years of experience in the IT industry. I am a born disruptor at heart coming from a family of disruptors. If you are looking for a skilled technical manager, please contact me.

Before obtaining my certificate in Object Oriented technology at SFU, I worked in the metal industry and helped to digitize some of their processes in 2000 by working with a Crystal Reports developer and learning on the job how to use html to make available to the workers the Quality Manual in conformance with a system equivalent to ISO certification.

She helped grow the Opensource community in Vancouver and around the world, as the founder of the Vancouver PHP Users Association / OpenWeb Association around 2002.

She contributed core code to the Drupal CMS project as well as contributed modules, patches and documentation. I gave a speech at Drupalcon as part of a panel on Search in Drupal, I was representing Apache Solr search.

In 2012 at FCV, she helped introduce Agile Project Management concepts and continued to transition from developer to project manager and digital analyst at Red Rocket Creative Strategies.