About me

Audrey Foo has gained a wealth of experience in her 42 years of life. Having travelled from Asia at 15 years old to study in McGill University with her parents still in Asia.

In Canada, her journey took her to meet many interesting people, from a Vancouver bicycle activist Guy Wera who showed her the power of one person’s dreams changing the nature of Vancouver city to Montreal city councillor Nick Auf der Maur through his friend Johan Sarrazin.

She has studied many sciences, arts and business topics from an Engineering degree from McGill to meditation. She is a life-long learner who has a passion to break through any challenge and to find the truth behind.

She has contributed back to Vancouver, Canada, and the world, by helping to organize Opensource conferences, at the dot-com bust, when nobody in the business world would ever dream of touching Opensource, and code was bought off the shelves from a box. Helping to bring world famous thinkers from around the world together to collaborate and create new code, new projects, new ventures.

Her interests and careers have taken her from Engineering, Quality Control, Opensource activist, programmer, project manager, healing touch, and now feng-shui practitioner. An illustrious physics professor at McGill opened her eyes to the limits of science, and its ever evolving nature.

She believes that in order to progress, we have to be open to the mysterious, to be open to learning all that we can. That is how science and technology can move forward.

The only way we can hack life, is by not accepting all that is, by being willing to innovate and experience new ideas, test out new theories.